In August 2011, the EU adopted new regulations for the security of incoming air cargo and mail. These new regulations require air carriers flying cargo and mail into the EU from non-EU countries to ensure that certain standards for security are met prior to the loading of an aircraft bound for the EU.

The regulations require air carriers flying air cargo and mail into the EU to be designated as an “Air Cargo or Mail Carrier operating into the Union from a Third Country Airport” (ACC3).  From the 1st of July 2014, the EU regulations state that ACC3’s must be in possession of security verifications of their cargo and mail operations at the relevant non-EU airports. This verification activity must be undertaken by an Independent Validator, certified by an EU regulator.

The ACC3 validation can be extended to validate business partners of the ACC3 such as ground handlers, forwarders and direct shippers.  If the validation is successful Regulated Agent (RA3) and Known Consignor (KC3) status will be awarded enabling the business partners to continue working with the ACC3 on EU bound airfreight.

Ascent Training has its own accredited EU Independent Validator who has completed the IATA training requirements.  To discuss booking a validation of an ACC3, RA3 or KC3 please call 01344 870 077.