The most common reasons owners of small training businesses tell us they want to sell is to realise value for the years of hard work they have invested and to enjoy more time outside the business.  This is not surprising given the complete dedication and commitment to establish and sustain a reputable and successful training company.

Selling your business shouldn’t mean the end of everything you have built up; but represent the beginning of something new and rewarding. We recognise, from our experience of talking to training business owners, their objectives can vary significantly and shouldn’t be approached just from the perspective of a financial transaction.

We’ll listen, supporting you to do the right thing for you and your business, and tailor an outcome suited to you whether that means a clean exit, or an on going role as part of a larger team.

If you would like to speak with us in confidence, please call Simon Copeland, Business Development Manager on 01344 870 077 to discuss the important aspects of selling your business.