All organisations that trade internationally should consider AEO accreditation. Specifically if you are a Known Consignor or Regulated Agent the application process will utilise existing systems, capitalising on your current investment in security. As a full AEO the business will have an international quality mark and benefit from financial savings on customs deferment guarantees and waivers from mandatory special procedure guarantees (see below).

There are three types of AEO status:

1. Customs Simplification (AEOC)

AEOC is the customs simplification AEO accreditation which enables the holder to benefit from tangible financial saving on customs procedures which include:

2. Security and Safety (AEOS)

This is the simplest for Known Consignors & Regulated Agents to apply for as it complements the systems that are already in place.  Achieving this status enables the AEOS to benefit from:

3. Full (AEOF)

The full certificate will enable the business to receive the maximum benefits under the AEO scheme combining the advantages of both the AEOS and AEOC certifications.

In addition by implementing AEO standards across your business it helps: