Our consultancy and training services help shippers, logistics companies, airports and airlines with their aviation security compliance obligations.  All the below courses are fully CAA approved and can be delivered inhouse or online.

Regulated Agent


  • Applying for Regulated Agent status
  • Production of a Security Programme
  • Pre-Audits
  • Spot inspections


Cargo Aviation Security Principles (CASP): Persons requiring general security awareness, including drivers are required to receive these modules.

Cargo Operative (CO): This builds on CASP (see above) and is aimed at those persons who have access or handle and prepare Secure (SPX) cargo.

Cargo Operative Screener (COS): This course is for staff engaged in the screening of cargo.  Available screening modules include visuals inspection, hand search, x-ray, explosive trace detection and free running explosive detection dogs.   Screening modules are required to have a on-the-job training element.

Cargo Supervisor (CS): This course is for those who supervise staff at other levels.

Cargo Manager (CM): This course is for cargo managers of a Regulated Agent.

Known Consignor


  • Applying for Known Consignor status
  • Pre-validations
  • In-house training course design. It can be advantageous to have your own in-house course and trainer as the materials can be made bespoke to your operations. It can also help save training costs in the long term.


Modules 1 to 6.1 Basic: For those who require access to targetable airfreight

Modules 1 to 6.2 Drivers: For those who drive and access targetable airfreight

Modules 1 to 7 Intermediate: 1 as above and signing consignment security certificates

Modules 1 to 8 Advanced: All the above & the Responsible Person Module

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