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  • Applying for Known Consignor status
  • Pre-validations
  • In-house training course design. It can be advantageous to have your own in-house course and trainer as the materials can be made bespoke to your operations. It can also help save training costs in the long term.

Known Consignor Training Courses

Module 1 to 5 Access

For those who require access to targetable airfreight

Modules 1 to 6.1 Access & Dispatch

For those who access and dispatch targetable airfreight

Modules 1 to 6.2 Drivers

For those who access, dispatch and drive targetable airfreight

Modules 1 to 7 Consignment Security Certificate

Includes modules 1 to 6.1 as above plus module 7 for those who sign consignment security certificates

Modules 1 to 8 Advanced

For those that are the Responsible Person at Known Consignor

Course Modules

Module TitleModule Number1 to 51 to 6.11 to 6.21 to 71 to 8
Module 1: Aviation Security - Threat & Mitigation
The Threat to Aviation1.1
Aviation Security - Organisation & Legislation1.2
Principles of the Air Cargo Security Regime1.3
Module 2: Prohibited Articles
Recognition of Explosive & Incendiary Devices2.1
Methods of Concealment2.2
Protecting Air Cargo3
Responding to Threat Warnings & Prohibited Articles4
Making Cargo Secure5
Module 6: Secure Transportation
Secure Transportation - Site6.1
Secure Transportation - Drivers6.2
The Consignment Security Certificate7
The Role of the Responsible Person8


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