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  • Applying for regulated agent status
  • Production of a security programme
  • Pre-audits
  • Spot inspections
  • Outsourced Aviation Security Manager (ASM) – see Outsourced Aviation Security Manager page


All the below training courses can be delivered in the classroom or through a mixed online and classroom option.

Please note all trainees must complete a five year pre-employment history and basic DBS check before they can commence regulated agent aviation security training.

Non Screening Training Courses

Access to Air Cargo and Mail
(Previously CASP)

Persons requiring general security awareness, including drivers are required to receive these modules.

Initial & Refresher Courses £50 + VAT

Applying Non-Screening Security Controls (Previously CO)

This builds on the above course and is aimed at those persons who have access or handle and prepare Secure (SPX) cargo.

Initial & Refresher Courses £50 + VAT

Supervisor Non-Screener (Previously CS)

This course is for those who supervise staff at other levels.

Initial & Refresher Courses £50 + VAT

Local Manager Non-Screener (Previously CM)

This course is for cargo managers of a Regulated Agent.

Initial & Refresher Courses £50 + VAT

Screening Training Courses

Cargo Operative Screener (COS) & Supervisors and Local Managers Requiring Screening Modules

Screening courses can be delivered entirely in the classroom or through a mixed online and classroom option. There is no purely online option as the Regulated Agent syllabus requires specific modules for both initial and refresher screening courses to be delivered in the classroom. Additionally for Visual Check, Hand Search and ETD modules a practical assessment in the classroom must be completed. To complete the manadatory classroom screening modules and practical assessment we will send a trainer to your site which can be arranged around your schedule.  Please contact us for pricing.

Course Modules

Module 1: The Threat to Aviation
Module 2: Security in the Aviation Industry
Module 3: The Trainee's Role
Module 6: Overview of Cargo and Mail
Module 7: Transport (Driver)********
Module 8: Acceptance and Dispatch of Cargo and Mail
Module 9a: Prohibited Articles and Concealments******
Module 9b: Prohibited Articles and Concealments for Screeners******
Module 10: Visual Check***
Module 11: Hand Search***
Module 12: ETD***
Module 13: X-Ray***
Module 16: Explosive Detection Dogs***
Module 20: The Role of the Supervisor
Module 21: Local Managers
* Optional modules as required for screeners
** Optional module for drivers of SPX cargo
*** Module 9a or 9b depending on whether the CS or CM manages screeners


All Non-Screener Initial & Refresher Courses
£50 + VAT
All Screener Initial Courses
£200 + VAT
All Refresher Courses
£65 + VAT

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