Outsourced Aviation Security Manager

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The 2021 cargo and mail syllabus requires all regulated agents to have an Aviation Security Manager (ASM) that is responsible for the implementation of the National Aviation Security Programme on a national level.   This applies to all regulated agents even those with a single office and no warehouse.

All regulated agents must have an ASM who oversees the national implmentation of the NASP.

Fully outsourced ASM

We provide a fully outsourced ASM service.  This means we will provide the ASM on record with the CAA for your business enabling you to completely outsource the requirement.

This service includes:

  1. Managing and updating the security programme in accordance with any guidelines and/or new regulations received from the CAA on an ongoing basis (excluding complete rewrites).
  2. Managing background checks for new employees.
  3. Ensuring training requirements are met and refreshed in accordance with the regulations.
  4. Liaising with sub contract hauliers for any necessary agreements.
  5. Conducting audit visits to ensure compliance.
  6. Telephone and email availability to answer aviation security related questions.

ASM Consultancy and Support

We can support your ASM as required to ensure compliance with regulations.

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